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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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It is good

It is possible to make or buy a woolen, rag ball.Try to suspend a hand bell.It is good to suspend a special design from two four toys: one two are fixed directly on a rope or a crossbeam, one two hang down down on elastic bands, threads, ribbons.It is simplest to buy in toy store the special suspended device yoke, arch, arch an arm a trapeze a round or trapezoid rack which can be attached reliably to a bed, an arena with already suspended toys.The rattles which are hanging down on chains are suspended so that the child at the spontaneous, yet not coordinate movements of hands could concern them incidentally.

The analysis

The girl was sent to psychiatric clinic because of too frequent masturbations and bad progress at school.The analysis showed that she for hours dreamed in reality, dreaming that her mother will die and she will live alone with the father.At poll it became clear also that the father too often embraces, caresses and kisses the girl that obviously brings sensual pleasure to both.When the father was hinted delicately at a true state of affairs, he exclaimed: To think only!I just now thought that when we wash together and I it mylyu, she behaves as the woman, but not as the small child!

Deniz was very

Her elder brother Bill was open and vigorous.Deniz was very silent.How many myself I remember, mother and the father worried for it for the least thing, Deniz's beginnings.When to it there were years seven, he hard and dangerously got sick.While he was in hospital, I remained with the grandmother and the grandfather.I really felt at them lonely, but tried not to bother with it to mother and the father as knew that they very much worry because of Bill.At last Bill came back home, but he should have lain in a bed about a month.

It is not obligatory

Give it new toys on one, but not all at once.It is not obligatory to buy toys.The child with pleasure cuts out pictures from old magazines, does albums of newspaper cuttings, planes and cuts out from a tree, builds by means of paper and glue.If the child has to lie long, but he feels well, let someone from a family be engaged with him according to the school program regularly every day.The child, as well as each person, need sometimes society of other people.Play with it or esteem to it.

But it not so. In spite

If the child

left.I from the grandmother.left.If the child cannot perform this task, lead it: I from the grandfather that made?left, Kolobok left whom?from the grandfather.Summing up occupation.Praise the child.Fig.Learn on a contour continuation Fig.Learn on a contour continuation Fig.Who hid?Fig.Labyrinth Turnip The grandfather put a turnip the turnip bigvery big grew.There was a grandfather a turnip from the earth to drag: pullswill pull, cannot extend.

It occurs

CHANGE OF ROLES Now quite often there is that is called as change of roles when parents wait from the child that he filled their emotional vacuum, a lack of sincere warm communication.Though it can happen in any family, most often meets in the incomplete.Some loner parents establish the relations similar to the confidential relations between friends or colleagues with the teenagers.It occurs because that they could not share the adult problems.Because of loneliness, a dissatisfaction, a depression or other problems lonely parents sometimes cannot simply treat the teenagers not as to agemates.

Many of us consider: that

Many of us consider: that we the first generation which faced crises; that the world was better, more pleasant and safer, there were no modern problems yet; that the world so quickly degrades what to plan and prepare for the future silly and hopeless occupation because this future can not be at all.There is nothing strange that the teenager who is badly knowing history of mankind and is even worse great obetovaniye of the Lord, will give in to such allconsuming, killing any hope pessimism.We became generation without own belief and firm system of values.

If the disease

Therefore without analysis of urine it is impossible to define existence of symptoms of a disease.If the disease of an uric path finally does not recover or repeats again, it is necessary to conduct special research of all uric system.Pus in the girl's urine not always means a disease of an uric path.Pus in urine of the girl can get from a vagina there, even if in appearance it seems normal.Therefore it is never necessary to assume that the pus found in the girl's urine in the usual analysis means a disease of an uric path.

And from repetitions

And from repetitions not to get to anywhere when it is necessary to fulfill the correct articulation way, to teach the child to hear, learn a sound, and then it is correct to say it.In some cases tyakzhet statement of a sound and everyone, even the most neznakchitelny is given, the step forward costs big efforts.And if the stage of automation of a sound stretches for a long time, a togkd to the logopedist literally of this word it is necessary to puzzle over that, as well as than to diversify occupations that speech material otrakbatyvayemy day by day did not bore the kid, to it was interesting.

I highly

Concentrate the efforts on that they did not doubt your love to them better as Jesus in relation to the pupils did it.In the book How to Understand the Child Ross Campbell draws a parallel between methods of education and the everyday fact testifying that it is much easier to pull along freight than to push it ahead of himself.I highly appreciate how it carried out the task, and I recommend this book to you for the sake of your children.Andy Batcher, editor of the Christian Family magazine From the coauthor Six months ago I met doctor Ross Campbell, during the whole next weeks, being his coauthor, I at the same time was the first parent who benefited from the book How to Understand the Child.


Or matter in us?I resolve legal problems of the most influential people of the city, but is not able to make happy own son.So, really, could push the elevenyearold child on alcohol intake?During our conversation it became clear that Todd drank regularly, but still he managed to hide it from parents.Todd not the only teenager who behaved thus.Researches show that the number of the children of younger and teenage age taking alcohol and drugs, steadily grows.Many of them live in Christian families.

By and large

When you change any aspect of family culture, you can suspect of attempt to break unity of a family.If you are sure that move in the correct direction, do not come under influence of other family members.By and large you will give something very positive to your children, and as a result and to all other relatives.POSITIVE WAYS OF EXPRESSION OF ANGER POLITENESS ASPIRATION TO FIND THE SOLUTION ANGER GOES TO THE OBJECT WHICH CAUSED IT.THE MAIN COMPLAINT, WITHOUT EVASION ASIDE LOGICAL THINKING IS EXPRESSED.

Tell, showing

Global reading.Ask the child to call heroes of the fairy tale once again.Take a figure of the woman and put it on a table.Call: Woman.Take a card with the word woman.Enclose a card to a figure.Tell, showing at first on a figure, and then on a card with the word: Woman.Take the grandfather's figure.Put it on a table.Call: Grandfather.Take a card with the word Grandfather, enclose it to a figure.Tell, showing at first on a figure, and then on a card: Grandfather.

How many

That for the confused child!But it did only to what learned at the father.How many around the world will be children who would become spiritual persons if their parents only pray, but do not live in belief?I believe, it is a little.It seems to me, in the Message to Tit the suitable description of this situation is given: They say that know God; and affairs renounce.Your children will behave in the same way as you behave.If you one words, but not affairs try to impart them the Christian relation to life, it will only cause in them feeling of a protest.


The huge majority of cases of normal development it is more than nine of ten are simply normal variations of development.Intellectual development.Intellectual development of the child unlike motor depends on an environment, than on heredity much more.The children born by mothers with low intelligence, but taken on education by people with high intellectual development become in this regard similar to the adoptive parents.Social and emotional development.

Such swelling

You should not squeeze out too much milk minutes on each breast absolutely enough.Then it is possible to squeeze an okolososkovy circle and to enter it into the child's mouth to help it to start sucking.Such swelling is characteristic for the second half of the first week after the delivery.It proceeds days and usually does not repeat any more if feeding by a breast takes place normally.Sometimes all mammary gland bulks up.It becomes very firm that causes unpleasant feelings in mother.

These spasms

Pains during feeding by a breast.In the first week after the delivery you can have painful spasms in the bottom of a stomach during feeding by a breast.There is it because that the sosaniye of a breast causes reductions of a uterus therefore it comes back to the former sizes.These spasms will stop soon.Often in the first some seconds of feeding sharp nipple pain happens a breast.Do not worry, it not the illness, pain will disappear soon.Cracks of nipples.

Undoubtedly, also

Marriage which is on the verge of crash is badly reflected in children who are usually not capable to think rationally, logically and consistently when business concerns that occurs at their place.And usually thereof they start studying worse.Craig and Fran's boys endured the same.They fought with the companions.Undoubtedly, also their spirituality as they had no logical explanation for the events and from this point of view had to suffer.The marriage based on that love which was bequeathed to us by Jesus Christ fine, strong marriage.


In some years she married.Her husband, Chris one of the best people what we ever knew, and we are immensely grateful to the Lord for it.By the way, Carrie and Chris presented to us with Pat the wonderful granddaughter Cammy.Ability to argue one more certificate of that the person will be able to become the good spouse or the parent.This ability is extremely important in the matrimonial relations and the relations of parents and children.To arrive reasonably, the person has to be able to argue reasonably.

It would

We need to know that we are loved by that whom we appreciate.When to something that is close and expensive to us, danger threatens, we test anger.And it is not bad at all.Children try to find out whom they are, they try to learn everything about the world in which live.It would be surprising if we and they did not become on the way each other from time to time.The most difficult age periods when children actively try to express the identity, we designate awful twoyearolds, the pubertatny period and teenage age.

So my native

Looking back, I understand now that created to the brothers and sisters a certain image of herself.I was a peacekeeper at heart and had sensation of fear if I did not manage to reconcile all, and, on the other hand, I for anybody had no real value and anything really did not cost.So my native concerned to me.They got used to that I always settle their disputes, but ignored me every time when the peacekeeper was not required for them.And I quietly allowed them to arrive so with me.But farther became much worse.

They try to accustom

They prefer to begin it whenever possible later.It is not opposite to them to change dirty diapers till years, and sometimes more long.On other pole parents who consider that purity is very important for development of the child and formation of its character.They try to accustom the child to go to a pot as soon as possible.It is extremely unpleasant to them to clean after the child, and they cannot suppress irritation if their child soils panties after a year or one and a half years.

Like all of us, children

When business reaches acceptance on itself responsibility for own life, nothing plays such role as complete system Ya.The main reason consists that when you have a clear idea of own personality and a high selfassessment, your energy is not spent in vain and you can spend it for management of own life.Besides, you will test less often anger.Like all of us, children become angry when perceive a situation as critical.But, unlike adults, they do not possess the big force and sufficient independence to make essential changes to the life.

For example, the man who went

Adults first of all are guided by words.For example, the man who went to business trip can easily please the wife, having called and having told it: Darling I love you.She will be in the seventh heaven.However if he calls the fourteenyearold son to phone and will tell: I only want to tell that I love you that most likely will shrug on it shoulders and will answer: Yes, but nevertheless, the father why you call?See a difference?The teenager estimates acts, the adult words.To love the teenager and to store this love in heart it finely.

Put on to each

Suggest children to become actors of puppet theater.Ask, who and whom wants to be in the fairy tale.Put on to each actor of his hero a finger.Suggest actors to acquaint children with characters of the fairy tale a cat, a fox, a rooster, children of a fox Chuchelka and Podchuchelk to bend a finger with the fingertype doll which is put on it and to call it.Suggest children to tell together the fairy tale, using fingertype theater.Development of visual attention, thinking.Remember with children where the cat when looked for a cockerel left in the wood.

Certainly, never

That good if the child is in expectation within several weeks.But on the other hand will be, maybe, more honest to tell the truth to the fearless sevenyearold child in advance, especially, if he suspects something.Certainly, never the child should lie or fraudulently to bring into hospital, having told that he is carried to other place.Hours of visits.This heavy time for small children.The type of parents reminds the child as strongly he misses them.It can is heartbreaking to cry when to them time or even throughout all time of their visit comes to leave.

To create

To create such relation to food at the child, within months feed only with its that healthy food which is pleasant to it trying that its food was fuller, and do not offer it those products which he resolutely refuses to eat.If your child well eats the majority of types of food and refuses only some, read sections where you will find offers on replacement of one products with others until tastes of the child change or his suspiciousness and intensity behind food will disappear.If the child establishes for himself strictly limited menu.


Many cease to meet friends, avoid the old companies, keep separately.Aspiration to a privacy.Suicide teenagers are often shipped in themselves, avoid people around, become isolated, long do not leave the corner.They put on earphones, turn on the music and are switched off from life.Sometimes they try to leave imperceptibly that nobody paid attention to their absence.Sometimes they behave defiantly: as if life grew hateful to them, and very clearly let know all and all bothered them.


Dear parents of the children suffering from RV!Can be sure that if your teenager receives all that it is necessary for him / her, he, eventually, for certain will cope with everything.But remember that it is long process because it is improvement process.Continue to give to the teenager all necessary daily.It is in brief formulated all below that you have to do: Read, study and try to understand as much as possible about RV.Realize that your child even if he suffers from RV, is not abnormal, and only has difficulties in certain spheres.

If you have

But always remember that the it becomes more senior, the more slowly he puts on weight.As it is often necessary to weigh the child.Certainly, most of mothers of the house has no scales and children are weighed only at visit of the doctor that is absolutely enough.If the child is healthy and cheerful, there is no sense to weigh it more often than once a month.If you have house scales, do not weigh it more often than once a week or once in two weeks is better.Weighing it every day, you will excessively worry about its weight.

Eats completely

It is capable to move rhythmic under music to dance.Eats completely independently.Household skills.Completely itself puts on and puts shoes on, undresses, clasps buttons, ties laces.Independently washes with soap not only hands but also a face.Wipes them a towel.Brushes teeth independently, including accurately copes with putting paste on a toothbrush.Is able to keep purity and order in the room.Mental development Game.Independently collects matreshkuiz five inserts nested dolls of the different size in one, being guided by the size.

Number of feedings

Take a thin needle and quickly pierce a pacifier.Then check how milk from an opening will begin to flow.If the child sucks a finger, do not hurry to reduce number of feedings.Number of feedings per day also important for satisfaction of an instinct of a sosaniye of the child, as well as duration of feedings.If you increased duration of feedings, but the child all the same sucks a finger, I would not recommend to reduce number of feedings per day.For example, if the threemonths child does not wake up for evening feeding, but sucks a finger much, it is more preferable to awake him at o'clock if, of course, he does not refuse to eat when he is woken.

The same

Anything is not present surprising that the child, especially if he only in a family, feels alone if he sleeps in the room absolutely alone.If he could inhale life in an old doll or a bear, it is better for those for him.Let does not excite you if the doll is soiled or will be torn.Wash, clean it, but do not throw out for hygienic reasons.The same belongs and to any other subject to which the child can become attached with all the heart.It can be an old blanket or a diaper, simply a rag.

The reason

If the child needs to be calmed also, it is possible to explain to him that many boys and girls do the same, but soon cease if you wish.The aspiration to an onanism amplifies in the period of adolescence.The reason of it in the basic physiological changes happening in an organism, and turning the boy into the man, and the girl in the woman.The strengthened work of endocrine glands makes impact not only on an organism, but also on thought and emotion.The child everything realizes the growing sexual desires and romantic feelings more clearly.

At last, his behavior

The employee starts working worse, and at the employer becomes less desire to see it in the firm.At last, his behavior becomes such that it simply dismiss.The main difference in behavior of children and adults, the adjusted passive is aggressive, consists that children have it mostly unconscious while adults perfectly understand that do.Only in the beginning their behavior has unconscious character.Quite recently one my friend, the businessman, decided to employ to himself the office manager.

One night

All this time my wife Pat and I furiously managed since morning until late at night, trying to put the new house in order before I go for new work.Boys, of course, irritated us and with order us irritated, but we considered that moving is guilty.One night I began to analyze behavior of children and tried to imagine myself on their place.Suddenly as a butt knocked me on the head!Though we with the wife were with children nearby constantly, but we were so occupied with a household that actually did not pay to them due consideration, we have no time to look at them with tenderness and love and furthermore to touch them, to listen to them with tender attention, so we were occupied and tired.

It not to satisfy

Sometimes in the first days the child is given waters from a pacifier to avoid dehydration.It not to satisfy its hunger and, therefore, will not prevent chest feeding.Sometimes mother falls into despair just when milk starts arriving at last or day two later as it seems to her that it is not enough milk.At this particular time it is also impossible to lose courage.Give yourself one more chance.Undoubtedly, there is a sense to continue attempts if for the th day in each feeding the child manages to exhaust about g of milk.

All this

Even in a dream it does the sosatelny movements as though dreams it that him feed, and on his face blissful expression.All this says that food the main pleasure in his life.He receives the first ideas of life from that situation in which passes its feeding.He receives the first ideas of people from the person who feeds him.If mother constantly insists that the child drank more milk, than he wants, he will gradually lose appetite.He will try to avoid it, filling up everything earlier and earlier each time, or will protest and persist in the unwillingness is.

Meet his desire

He thinks that it has to be paradise pleasure.When it, at last, decides to take a pacifier in a mouth, on his face there is an expression of disappointment.It appears, it only milk moreover with smack of rubber, and there is it very slowly.Perhaps, within several weeks he will ask occasionally you to give it milk from a pacifier.Be not afraid that it will eternally proceed.Meet his desire and help it all possible means to overcome feeling of jealousy.Soon he will refuse a pacifier.

And why to continue? In the atmosphere

The man reading other book about judgment day told: I think to give up work, it is simple to leave.And why to continue?In the atmosphere when the belief grows in uselessness of life, it is difficult to struggle with cynicism, not to use drugs or not to hide the head in sand.When only the forthcoming Last Judgement is proclaimed and forgotten about Jesus's love, about hope and belief in the Lord's obetovaniye, whether it is surprising, what it becomes more difficult and more difficult for Christians to lead responsible, courageous and creative life?

The nineyearold

For the adult it everything can seem trifles, but for the timid yearold child such things can be the reason of strong fear which will absolutely paralyze its ability to think.The nineyearold child who houses strongly is abused and punish, can reach a condition of extreme concern and intensity and to lose ability to keep the thoughts on something.Usually the child who is considered lazy, actually is not lazy at all.The person is born inquisitive and vigorous.If later it loses these qualities, education is guilty.

These figures

After years catarrhal diseases are more rare and in easier form.In years the child is ill twice less, than in years, and in years is twice less, than in years.These figures have to calm parents to whom it seems that their kid constantly is ill.A psychological factor in catarrhal diseases.Pediatricians are absolutely convinced that some children and adults are much more subject to colds in a condition of a nervous tension or if they are afflicted.I remember the sixyearold boy who lagged behind in school on reading.

It sounds

If the child is rude to parents whether therefore that was necessary to refuse to you to him something, or suffering jealousy of the brothers and sisters, they have to stop immediately him and insist on politeness.But at the same time parents can tell the child that they know that he sometimes becomes angry about them.To you it can seem to the inconsistent.It sounds as the recommendation to cancel punishment before it is executed.Educational work with children showed that they feel more surely and more happily and behave better if parents reasonably watch their behavior.

What priorities

I have to watch constantly time to manage to make at least the most important issues.What priorities of your life?On what place there are your children?On the first?On the second?The third?You have to define it, otherwise your children in general will recede into the background and will suffer from a lack of attention.Nobody can decide for you that in your life it is more important for you.Life is unpredictable, and you cannot count that at you still will be time to be engaged in education of children.

And it is still

John Keaton was the pastor of church which moyasemya and I visited many years ago.He was really good person, served church within seventeen years.So it happened that we approached with it and his family.He was one of the most unselfish people whom I ever met.All these years it grazed the herd, shared with it takeoff and falling, ups and downs.And it is still difficult for me to believe that one of prominent members of a community, Charlz, tormented him all these years.Charlz had good reputation because was able to be pleasant and win sympathies of people.

Fresh and boiled

Milk a good source of calories as contains sugar, fats and proteins; besides, it is easy to drink it at once much.Fresh and boiled fruit also quite good source of calories as contain natural sugar.Even more kaloriyna bananas and dried fruit.Caloric content of vegetables fluctuates from moderately high to the low.Most of all calories potatoes, corn and haricot give, it is a lot of peas, beet, carrots, onions, a parsnip, vegetable marrows and pumpkin.Differ in low caloric content cabbage including color, a celery, spinach, tomatoes, salad, an asparagus, brakoll, eggplants.

Suggest children

Ask: Who hid?That changed?Play so times.Global reading.Put all figures in a row.Call them.Under each figure spread cards with the corresponding words.Suggest the child to find the same card with the same word and to put it under your card.Development of acoustical attention.Suggest children to play the game Echo.Say hey!at first it is loud, the child answers hey!it is silent.Then say hey!it is silent, and the child will answer loudly.

A main goal

It is best of all to encourage these actions with toys, spreading the child on a stomach in an arena.A main goal of action of the child with toys, since this age, this research of its various features: forms, colors, sound, etc.In months the kid at once pulls the grabbed toy in a mouth.Throughout go month appears and gradually the period when the child at first considers the toy which is at it in hands, and only increases then pulls in a mouth fig..Test game It is necessary to take a rattle of bright color, to draw to it attention of the child.

Though parents

It seemed to it that it is not loved and it neglected.Though parents very much loved it, the girl did not feel it and therefore was not sure of their love.Careful planning is rendered a hundredfold This illustration shows how it is important to plan our time to have opportunity to pay attention to everyone.In a family where two children, each parent can often spend time with one of children.At three children the problem becomes complicated.And in a family where one parent and is a lot of children, it is even more difficulties.


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