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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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It is good

It is good It is possible to make or buy a woolen, rag ball.

Try to suspend a hand bell.

It is good to suspend a special design from two four toys: one two are fixed directly on a rope or a crossbeam, one two hang down down on elastic bands, threads, ribbons.

It is simplest to buy in toy store the special suspended device yoke, arch, arch an arm a trapeze a round or trapezoid rack which can be attached reliably to a bed, an arena with already suspended toys.

The rattles which are hanging down on chains are suspended so that the child at the spontaneous, yet not coordinate movements of hands could concern them incidentally.

. . . . . .

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The analysis

The analysis The girl was sent to psychiatric clinic because of too frequent masturbations and bad progress at school.

The analysis showed that she for hours dreamed in reality, dreaming that her mother will die and she will live alone with the father.

At poll it became clear also that the father too often embraces, caresses and kisses the girl that obviously brings sensual pleasure to both.

When the father was hinted delicately at a true state of affairs, he exclaimed: To think only!

I just now thought that when we wash together and I it mylyu, she behaves as the woman, but not as the small child!

. . . . . .

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Deniz was very

Deniz was very Her elder brother Bill was open and vigorous.

Deniz was very silent.

How many myself I remember, mother and the father worried for it for the least thing, Deniz's beginnings.

When to it there were years seven, he hard and dangerously got sick.

While he was in hospital, I remained with the grandmother and the grandfather.

I really felt at them lonely, but tried not to bother with it to mother and the father as knew that they very much worry because of Bill.

At last Bill came back home, but he should have lain in a bed about a month.

. . . . . .

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It is not obligatory

It is not obligatory Give it new toys on one, but not all at once.

It is not obligatory to buy toys.

The child with pleasure cuts out pictures from old magazines, does albums of newspaper cuttings, planes and cuts out from a tree, builds by means of paper and glue.

If the child has to lie long, but he feels well, let someone from a family be engaged with him according to the school program regularly every day.

The child, as well as each person, need sometimes society of other people.

Play with it or esteem to it.

. . . . . .

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But it not so. In spite

But it not so. In spite At first sight it seems that more difficult to raise such children, than what treat percent.

But it not so.

In spite of the fact that already from early age they with doubt treat authorities in the most general sense, for their education it will be required to persistence approximately as much, love and understanding, how many and for the children belonging to the first group.

They can seem difficult for the reason that they have a congenital aspiration to take the responsibility for the decisions which becomes over the years stronger.

. . . . .

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If the child

If the child left.

I from the grandmother.


If the child cannot perform this task, lead it: I from the grandfather that made?

left, Kolobok left whom?

from the grandfather.

Summing up occupation.

Praise the child.


Learn on a contour continuation Fig.

Learn on a contour continuation Fig.

Who hid?


Labyrinth Turnip The grandfather put a turnip the turnip bigvery big grew.

There was a grandfather a turnip from the earth to drag: pullswill pull, cannot extend.

. . . . . .

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